God, our creator, made us fearfully and wonderfully in His image. 

We all struggle against the effects of a broken world in body, mind and soul.

Because of God's great love for us, Jesus has come to heal our brokenness.

Therefore, LifeSpring is dedicated to carrying out the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to bring about the restoration of body, mind & soul. 


LifeSpring is a community health ministry whose purpose is to demonstrate the love of Christ in word and deed by providing health education and promotion, medical services and community advocacy in urban Chattanooga, in order to transform the health of our community, body and soul. 


Our desire is to see our community transformed as we provide care that is:

PREVENTATIVE - countering disease before its onset through diet, exercise and health education

RELATIONAL - walking with our patients towards healing through relationships built on trust and mutual respect

HOLISTIC - seeking healing in all dimensions of life - physically, spiritually, emotionally and economically

CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE - eliminating healthcare barriers and bridging cultural, racial and linguistic divides

EMPOWERING - equipping our community to take ownership of their health and realize their own health goals